Top 3 Gifts for your Dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2017 is just around the corner. If you want to surprise your dad, you need to be smart and to know what he loves. Of course, nothing beats a personalized gift, but if you don’t have any ideas at the moment, we want to give you some tips that could prove useful.

Here is our choice of Father’s Day gifts for dads in 2017.

1. Watches

A modern wrist watch is stylish enough to boost your dad’s self-esteem and to increase his confidence at an important interview or meeting. You don’t even have to spend a fortune for that. Take for instance Watch Gang. On their site you can buy an awesome watch worth up to $500 and only pay as low as $25. You might have the chance of picking a Rolex. This is definitely a site to try when buying your dad’s gift.

2. Golf Equipment

If your dad loves golf, just like most dads out there, getting some high-quality golf equipment is a must. In fact, we’ve discovered just the perfect site for you. On TGW (The Golf Warehouse) you can get the single best deals this Father’s Day and save big while getting those hybrid drivers, golf shoes or outfits for your dad. From apparel and clubs to bags and the most advanced gadgets, Golf Warehouse offers it all.

3. Drones

Yes, you read that well. Drones. These amazing flying quadcopters are not just for kids. Your dad might have a lot of fun flying one of these machines in the air. In fact, you can spend an amazing time with your dad and get to know him better by learning how to fly a drone. However, if you choose to get him a drone this Father’s Day, make sure it is a DJI drone. These are the best drones ever made, allowing your dad to fully leverage the benefits of flying a drone.

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What to Do When Your Experience Infidelity During Online Dating

What to Do When Your Experience InfidelityChristian online dating is becoming very popular, but it can be a bit of a gamble.  Like all other forms of online dating, there are no guarantees that you will find “the right” type of people, and on each and every site there will always be people in it for the wrong reasons.  In this short post we will share some basic tips on what to do if you end up with a cheater.

No matter what the case, no matter how you meet people, there will always be cheaters.  Whether you meet people online, in church groups, at the gym, or anywhere else, you never know what type of person he or she is, or what type of character they have.

When it comes to dating online, it can be even harder to gauge what type of character or personality the person on the other end is.  This is why I believe that you should approach online relationships with a bit more caution than other relationships, because you haven’t had the face to face time you get when you meet people in traditional ways.

Don’t get me wrong, online dating has many perks.  You get to do it from the comfort of your own home, and you can pre qualify people based on your tastes and interests.  Chances of finding someone you are compatible with increase when you add filters like this.  It’s just a matter of  performing your due diligence, and finding out whether or not it’s smoke and mirrors, or the real thing!

I have a close friend that fell pretty hard for a guy she met on a Christian dating site only to find out that he was quite the playboy, and was using numerous sites to set up dates and build relationships with numerous women.  She was not that type of gal, and when she had to overcome infidelity it turned out to be a very traumatic experience for her.

She thought that because the relationship started from a Christian dating site, she would weed out all of the people like that.  It was not easy for her to understand that no matter what type of online dating sites you are using, there was no guarantees that this type of stuff wouldn’t happen.  It really impacted the way she felt about meeting people online.

The moral of the story is that while online dating has many nice advantages, you still need to watch out for signals or warning signs of poor character people and to not get overly committed until you have had the chance to spend a good amount of time with someone.

Online dating can be a wonderful thing, and this post was not meant to push anyone away.  It was created to provide some tips that can help ensure you have the best possible experience, and avoid any unnecessary situations that can cause drama and pain.

Here is a short video that can help you maximize your efforts:

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Free Online Dating Tips for Christian Singles

A Couple Meeting and Falling In LoveOnline dating has become increasingly popular nowadays. From the comfort of your house, you will be able to surf through different profiles and select the perfect date. But, if you want to find the perfect date, you will have to make some efforts. Here are some dating tips for Christian singles:

1. Try For Christian singles, – Free Christian Dating website is undoubtedly the best . The signup process is really simple. You will be able to create your profile within a few minutes. The site is also extremely user friendly. They have a Quickmatch feature, which will help you to find like minded people. Apart from that, the site also has several active forums where you can interact with different kinds of people. They also has a very good customer support system.

2. Select the Right Profile Picture: If you are dating online, your profile picture is the first thing which everyone will see. Hence, it is very important to make a good first impression. Since you are a Christian, it will be best if you go for a respectable and clear profile picture. It should be different from the other profile pictures. You can also select a photo where you are participating in any activity- like swimming, playing soccer or basketball. And make sure to avoid selfies at all costs. It is the latest craze, but having a selfie as your profile picture sets a very negative impression.

3. Go Through the Entire Profile Before Messaging Someone: When you are checking out a online profile, it is important to go through the entire profile and not just the profile picture. Even if the profile picture is very attractive, keep on reading to find out the interests and hobbies of the person. For example, If you find out that the person is interested in reading, then you can start the conversation on the basis of that. He or she will also get to know that you have read the entire profile and are seriously interested. If you start a conversation with just a ” Hello’, then there is a high probability, that you won’t get any reply.

Free Christian dating tip on setting limits image4. Set Limits for Yourself: When you start dating, you should set some limits and make sure that you do not cross them. For example, both of you may agree to not have sex before marriage. It is your responsibility to make sure that you strictly maintain the limits.

5. Don’t Date Just for The Sake of Dating: You should consider dating only if you are really interested in entering a serious relationship. Your motive should be perfectly clear. Many people date because of peer pressure or just to look cool. But that is extremely unfair to the other person. Dating is a very serious thing. Do not play with the feeling of other people.

6. Find Ways to Enjoy Your Date: Just because both of you are Christian, that doesn’t mean that you should only date in traditional ways. There are many ways to enjoy your date without committing any sins. For example, if both of you are adventure lovers, then you can go and try out some adventure sports.

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So what is anyways?

If you’re reading this article right now you are either a really big fan of ours and you’re reading deep in the article archives, or more likely, you found out site while we are still in the process of building out the new content. If you fall more into that later than the former, then you are probably wondering what this site is going to be all about.

Like many Americans I’ve fed up with the typical dating scene. I’m middle aged, although I won’t go into details there, but what I’m really looking for is a steady relationship with a loving partner that I can grow old with and play cribbage in a rocking chair. The main goal for this website is to be a place for me to share my stories, tips, experience and resources with other people who are just looking for love in this crazy world.

In the future I intend to cover topics such as:

  • What are the obstacles we face in finding lasting love
  • What are the common myths about dating and love
  • Expectations in dating today
  • Online and offline dating tips

That is just a small list of what to expect in the future.

You came to the site looking for something and I feel bad that all you find was just an article or two. If you looking for a great talk about finding love I suggest you watch this Ted Talk by Hannah Fry about “The Mathematics of Love”. It’s only 17 minutes and it’s well worth watching.

Thanks and good luck finding love this year! x0x0

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