What to Do When Your Experience Infidelity During Online Dating

What to Do When Your Experience InfidelityChristian online dating is becoming very popular, but it can be a bit of a gamble.  Like all other forms of online dating, there are no guarantees that you will find “the right” type of people, and on each and every site there will always be people in it for the wrong reasons.  In this short post we will share some basic tips on what to do if you end up with a cheater.

No matter what the case, no matter how you meet people, there will always be cheaters.  Whether you meet people online, in church groups, at the gym, or anywhere else, you never know what type of person he or she is, or what type of character they have.

When it comes to dating online, it can be even harder to gauge what type of character or personality the person on the other end is.  This is why I believe that you should approach online relationships with a bit more caution than other relationships, because you haven’t had the face to face time you get when you meet people in traditional ways.

Don’t get me wrong, online dating has many perks.  You get to do it from the comfort of your own home, and you can pre qualify people based on your tastes and interests.  Chances of finding someone you are compatible with increase when you add filters like this.  It’s just a matter of  performing your due diligence, and finding out whether or not it’s smoke and mirrors, or the real thing!

I have a close friend that fell pretty hard for a guy she met on a Christian dating site only to find out that he was quite the playboy, and was using numerous sites to set up dates and build relationships with numerous women.  She was not that type of gal, and when she had to overcome infidelity it turned out to be a very traumatic experience for her.

She thought that because the relationship started from a Christian dating site, she would weed out all of the people like that.  It was not easy for her to understand that no matter what type of online dating sites you are using, there was no guarantees that this type of stuff wouldn’t happen.  It really impacted the way she felt about meeting people online.

The moral of the story is that while online dating has many nice advantages, you still need to watch out for signals or warning signs of poor character people and to not get overly committed until you have had the chance to spend a good amount of time with someone.

Online dating can be a wonderful thing, and this post was not meant to push anyone away.  It was created to provide some tips that can help ensure you have the best possible experience, and avoid any unnecessary situations that can cause drama and pain.

Here is a short video that can help you maximize your efforts: