So what is anyways?

If you’re reading this article right now you are either a really big fan of ours and you’re reading deep in the article archives, or more likely, you found out site while we are still in the process of building out the new content. If you fall more into that later than the former, then you are probably wondering what this site is going to be all about.

Like many Americans I’ve fed up with the typical dating scene. I’m middle aged, although I won’t go into details there, but what I’m really looking for is a steady relationship with a loving partner that I can grow old with and play cribbage in a rocking chair. The main goal for this website is to be a place for me to share my stories, tips, experience and resources with other people who are just looking for love in this crazy world.

In the future I intend to cover topics such as:

  • What are the obstacles we face in finding lasting love
  • What are the common myths about dating and love
  • Expectations in dating today
  • Online and offline dating tips

That is just a small list of what to expect in the future.

You came to the site looking for something and I feel bad that all you find was just an article or two. If you looking for a great talk about finding love I suggest you watch this Ted Talk by Hannah Fry about “The Mathematics of Love”. It’s only 17 minutes and it’s well worth watching.

Thanks and good luck finding love this year! x0x0