Top Father’s Day 2017 Gifts

Father’s Day has just arrived. If you really esteem your dad, this can be the perfect chance to show it with more than simple words. offers numerous hot deals on a variety of quality timepieces as well as watch straps. From which you can be able to pick the very best to bestow to your dad this Father’s Day. Well then, here are some of the best gifts, which you could offer to your dad to underscore your devotion and appreciation. promo codes

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Dassari Kingwood Extra Long Premium Vintage Italian Leather Strap

This watch strap has being made from a genuine top-grain Italian leather material. While its stylish buckle has been crafted from brushed solid stainless steel. You get to select from a number of color options, including mahogany, rust or even brown. While its thickness is 3.5 mm and its length is an extra long 225 mm.

Premium Unfinished Leather Nato Strap

The Premium Unfinished Leather Nato Strap can also be an excellent choice for a Father’s Day gift. It has being crafted with genuine leather and its attractive buckle is of a matte stainless steel material. While its rings have been made with a similar material as the buckle. As for color, the exact options you could settle for are numerous. You can pick from black to green, brown, blue, red, tan, dark brown and even amber. The full length of this top quality watch strap is 275 mm.

Dassari Slater Leather Nato Strap

On a parting shot, you can as well choose this particular watch strap as the best gift for your dad on this Father’s Day. It has been made with a genuine top-grain Italian leather material that isn’t only durable, but delightful to behold. The thickness of Dassari Slater Leather Nato Strap is around 1.3 mm. When it comes to the exact colors you could opt for, the sky is definitely the limit. You can pick from black to grey, concrete, blue, brown, rust as well as tan. Finally, the buckle of this watch strap has being crafted from a solid stainless steel tang material.